🌟 Why Choose Voiceover Momentum? 🌟

At Voiceover Momentum, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with pursuing a career in voiceover. Our platform is designed to empower aspiring and experienced voice actors alike by providing:

  1. Expert Guidance: You are in business for your self – yes —but not by yourself!

  2. Training: Refine your performance skills with hours and hours of training in various genres.

  3. Networking Opportunities: You build a network of fellow voiceover talents at all levels of their careers, as well as coaches who are willing to give you their time to help you succeed.

  4. Resource Library: Access a virtually unlimited supply of exclusive valuable content, including our three-week marketing class, valued at $350!

  5. Connect in safe place – the BreakRoom: If you’re a newbie, there are a lot of folks here who can show you the right way to start a voiceover career— without spending a fortune on equipment or training!

  6. You will learn how to succeed on purpose. Because let's face it – success doesn't happen by accident!
  7. Attend two or more live FREE classes every single week – or watch the videos after the fact!



And all of this comes for less than the price of one webinar each month! Just $39 a month. But hey – you don't have to decide now. Sign up now and decide over the next 30 days. After 30 days just let us know if for some reason we are not the right fit for you. No hard feelings! We'll give you your money back – no questions asked! OK, we will ask one question. I will ask you why. But only because that information helps us to serve people better.

You could get started at any time. Even right now! 

You will learn to:

  • Create product to sell with Content, Classes, and Coaching
  • Learn exactly what people are looking for in that all important demo
  • And create enviable marketing campaign to reel in clients.

And do it all in a close-knit community, supporting each other as we Build VoiceOver Momentum Together!



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Here’s what you’ve got

To look forward to on VoiceOver Momentum...

You’ll have access to fresh content monthly.


Organized by category so it’s easy to find.   This is training that will help you truly grow in your skill set—and acquire skills you don’t even have yet!

We know your time is valuable, so we aren’t going to fill your dashboard with “fluff stuff” just to have “More content” to take up your time.  We will have ample content—but we’ll be selective in that we’re only going to post valuable information. None of us has time for “fluff stuff!” 

You can participate in monthly “hot-seats”.


That’s where we put one person in the hot-seat (could be you!) and work together to help them with whatever obstacle in most pressing in their career… slowing their VoiceOver Momentum. There’s a pretty good chance that what they’re going through will apply to you, too.

We’ll offer a lot of live Q&A Sessions


With industry experts in every area of your VO Business… as well as  webinars.   All as part of your membership.

In addition, your membership will afford you industry discounts—and other benefits that we’ll be constantly adding to…like discounts on workshops and webinars, and valuable products. We’ll help you Build VoiceOver Momentum with monthly challenges we can all take together.

Nice to meet you!

Your Personal VoiceOver Coach, Julie Williams

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