How to Become a Certified Medical Narration Specialist


I am starting a new intensive Medical Narration Specialist training class, join waiting list to be notified when a new class starts.

The classes are virtual, followed by individual attention by a private coaching session every Thursday.  This system of teaching should give you more private coaching time and expedite your progress. It's critical to hold off on producing your demo until you can be competitive in the marketplace.



Your training will include:

  • 5 classes. 
  • 10 private coaching sessions 
  • One professionally produced, turn-key medical narration demo 
  • A bonus (I pay for this) video of your audio demo (Value $500)


After completing these requirements, you're offered the opportunity to take the final test (audition) to become a Certified Medical Narration Specialist, and join my medical narration team.

The site through which I will be marketing my team of specialists site should be up by fall.


Total Investment:  $3500 (payment plans available)





Certified Medical Narration Specialists receive:

  • A certification seal to place in marketing, on social media, in advertising, signatures, etc.
  • Featured profile on our Medical Narration Specialists website where you'll be marketed to clients.
  • The 5-week MNS Training program cost is $3,500, including all of the above.


The Medical Narration Specialist certification is free, but to be posted on the website is a ONE TIME fee of $25 for the webmaster.

Note that no one qualifies for Medical Narration Specialist certification without the above training program and acceptance through the final exam (audition.)

This is not a Pay-to-Play.  No one can pay to be listed here.  When you become a Certified Medical Narration Specialist, you are one of the select chosen who we market to the industry. SPACE IS LIMITED.



What is our role?


We are not agents. We are more like casting directors. We subcontract you for Medical Narration work. There is no exclusive contract, except that when we bring you a specific client, all future work with that client needs to come through us.